Hugh Grant to Valentina Alinevich: You can be proud of your son

A prominent British actor sent words of support to the mother of  Belarusian political prisoner.

Valentina Alinevich wrote a letter to Hugh Grant thanking him for his solidarity with Belarusians.

“Dear Hugh,

Thank you for your words of support and the fact that you care about the plight of Belarusian political prisoners. I’m touched that such a talented and famous actor is not indifferent to our tragedy and to the situation of ordinary people in present day Belarus. The support and solidarity of people like you, dear Hugh, make us much stronger and gives us energy. Every free person is just a drop of water in the universal ocean but together we contribute to the free rhythm of the ocean’s pulse. The last phrase is taken from the letters of my son,” she wrote.

The British actor answered to Valentina Alinevich.

”Dear Valentina,

Thank you for your very nice message. Your son, and people like him, have so much courage. You must be very proud,” Hugh Grant replied.

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