Valentina Aliniewicz is likely to be fired from the University

Mother of a political prisoner wrote on her Facebook profile that she will be probably fired  from work at the Belarusian State Economic University.

Yesterday I was officially warned that my contract will not be prolonged for the next academic year. I cannot say that I am very much disappointed. There is such an education system in the country that you have to work for ideology, not for knowledge or professional and academic growth of the students. And the salary of an associate professor, Master of Arts in economics with maximum experience, is just 3.5-4 million rubles. It is on the level of a cleaning woman at metro or Korona supermarket. I completely agree with Aliaksandr Kazulin here on the significance of Belarusian education. Administrative and management personnel have high salaries, who outnumber professors and teachers. But the job saved me, helped to hold on.

The loathsomeness of the situation is that in the past one and a half months they started real persecution against me. And my top-management absolutely openly stated that there had been an order from above, that everything was analyzed and attentively read, what was published on web-sites and press, and that they themselves had no complaints on her or her work.

It started with an ultimatum: either my position towards my son or the job. The choice was so ridiculous that I laughed them in the face. Then there were attempts on the part of the rector of the Belarusian State Economic University Shymau to deal with the situation peacefully. In the end serious military actions started on the part of the dean of the Management Faculty Simkhovich, the head of the center of personnel and legal policies Lahuta.

They did not let me work, came right into classrooms, not ashamed of anyone. The situation absurdly reminded of the situation with my son – they would reproach, and praise, and constantly demand to sign something: some explanatory notes, acts, then they tried to proclaim me a malicious violator and finally they announced my dismissal. Although not later than in May 2011 I was elected for the position of the assistant professor of the department of the Economy of an Industrial Enterprise for 5 years on the initiative of the same management of BSEU. I would have long quit myself, but I wanted the people, who thought they decided my fate, to take moral responsibility for what was going on. They also have mothers, wives, children, grandchildren.

What will they think of the people, who raised their hands against the most sacred, a Mother! Some said that it was a purely technical decision, others – that they were ordered and they could not disobey the order. This was all in history. Was it not? Well, the life will put everything in their places. Now they will have to live with their moral choice. And people in black masks, who gave orders to grey-haired professors and docents, again remained behind the picture”, – Ihar Alienievich’s mother wrote.



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