Ihar Alinevich was allowed to see his parents

Parents of a political prisoner Ihar Alinevich had the opportunity to meet with their son in a penal colony No. 10 in Novopolotsk.

Ihar Alinevich got eight years in prison.

Valentina Alinevich, mother of the political prisoner informed that the meeting with her son took a day and was held in a room the size of 10-12 square meters, without the possibility of leaving. In view of the ongoing heat, it was a difficult experience:

– We brought to Ihar ice cream. He looks good, I think that he has grown, or maybe I became smaller all of those problems. He says that he is ok, that he works. It seems to him that those with whom he contacts are because of that persecuted – said Mrs. Alinevich

According to Valentina Alinevich, her son received two letters from Bobruisk, which urge him to write a request for clemency to the President.

–  My son tore the letters and threw them away. He said that he considers it immoral to impose a specific point of view on the people who are severely experienced and are in prisons, – said Valentina Alinevich.


Translation Palitviazni.info

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