Anatol Liabedzka: Now we are waiting for the release of political prisoners

Only the release of political prisoners may in any way influence the decision to suspend sanctions against Makey.

According to Anatol Liabedzka, leader of the United Civil Party:

I feel that the presence of Makey in Vilnius is a freely convertible currency for the release of political prisoners. Let’s see how many of them will be released with this currency. If this does not happen, I will stop to see any political logic in the actions of Brussels. The tactic that is used by Brussels is a mistake, as it violates the principle of the existence of a list of persons banned to enter the EU. This means that the exception is stronger than the rule. Therefore, the only thing that would justify such a decision, is the release of all political prisoners.

The EU travel ban on Belarusian foreign minister Vladimir Makey shall be suspended until he holds the position of Belarusian Foreign minister.

According to the EU’s Official Journal, «this decision shall apply until 31 October 2013. It shall be kept under constant review. It may be renewed or amended, as appropriate, if the Council deems that its objectives have not been met».

It should be reminded that the decision to suspend the visa ban against Mr. Makey was adopted by the EU Foreign Ministers on Monday. Such step was taken «in order to facilitate diplomatic contacts between the EU and Belarus».;

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