Marina Adamovich: The dignity and conscience are more important than negotiations with regime

Mikola Statkevich’s wife believes that cooperation with the Belarusian regime leads to its preservation.

Last week, political prisoner Mikola Statkevich turned to the Lithuanian Prime Minister and called him not to meet with the leadership of the Belarusian regime. In his open letter  he noted that “the freedom fighters of our country perceive any form of direct contact of the leaders of the democratic states with the Belarusian regime as a betrayal of the ideals of democracy and an attempt to legitimize the dictatorship”, cites

Have  the words of Mikolai Statkevich been properly understood by the Belarusian and European politicians? The journalists asked Marina Adamovich, who can much better than most of the people estimate the current situation of political prisoners in Belarus.

“I think that the Belarusian and European politicians correctly understand the words of Mikolai. In any case, responses I get are quite logical and sensible. I think that Lithuanian Prime Minister will respond to the letter, that  was addressed directly to him. If I was not so sure I would never publish this letter “, – admits Marina Adamovich.

She adds, that she is fond of the official stand of the European Union, “I emphasize: the official stand,  and not actions of lobbyists and other groups, which in any case are always reflected.”

According to Marina Adamovich, currently the main problem is based not only on the existence of political prisoners in the country – “I see a big problem in the systemic approach of the representatives of the civilized world to the Belarusian regime. Allowance of the international community for the existence of the regime in the center of Europe fosters the preservation of everything we are witnessing for the last 19 years. Today, therefore, I support the official position of the European Union, rather than its stand expressed in the opinions concerning political prisoners in Belarus.”

What kind of action of the international community and civil society of Belarus is necessary to force the regime to release and rehabilitate the political prisoners? Mikola Statkevich’s wife is convinced that “there is no interaction, as far as a global scale is concerned the only observation that I have made is the eagerness to  fight for own interests.”

“For two and a half years I watched the attempts, more or less effective, aimed at the change of the public opinion on the subject. Public opinion is a quite unstable phenomenon, fluctuating between extreme points of view in a relatively short period of time. And any attempt to manipulate public opinion seemed to me to be the least fortunate of all of the activities of the civil society. “- notes Marina Adamovich

From her point of view, “if the world wants to survive in its present conditions, then except for bare pragmatics, realpolitik, and economic interests, there should be a place for taking care of such important issues as human dignity, morality  and self-respect.”

If people are going to remember about that, beginning with politicians and ending with the internet users, it will be easier for all of us to live, says Marina Adamovich:

“The dignity, conscience, self-respect and love for the motherland are more important than any written appeals, invitations for the regime to negotiate, propositions of concessions concerning the rehabilitation of political prisoners. I assume that two and a half years is a sufficient period, to all interested organizations, including those working for the protection of human rights to find themselves in the mutual interactions and understand what in fact the rehabilitation of political prisoners is. The rejection of the demand to rehabilitate political prisoners was for me a very painful blow from those whom I would have never expected to act like that. For me this is not acceptable, regardless of the nobility of the justifications for doing so. Firstly, it’s painful to me to hear all those stupid words such as “Let’s ask the political prisoners to write applications for pardon.” And secondly, all those discussions about  rejecting all demands to rehabilitate political prisoners only due to the fact that we do not know what it is, are personally painful to me. We had plenty of time to determine what rehabilitation of prisoners is, especially since there is a legal prerequisite for doing so. I am also sure that in addition to the desire of good self-presentation, people should first of all be guided by the honor and dignity. When we forget about this, and present some meaningless propositions, then Mikola Statkevich calls it a treason. And he has my full support in doing so. “

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