Urgent action. Son of late Belarusian political prisoner is waiting for “Gifts from Daddy”

Social activist Yulia Stepanova urged all those who are not indifferent  to help the wife and newborn son of late Arciom Hrybkou, a Belarusian political prisoner who died tragically  in a car accident.

On July 1  Yulia wrote on her Facebook profile:  “On Children’s Day , I want to ask you a favour  dear adults! Recently, Svetlana – the wife of late Arciom Hrybkou (a participant of 2010 Ploshcha, a political prisoner)  gave birth to their wonderful son. Arciom was killed in a car accident few months ago. I urge YOU ALL to join the action Gifts from Daddy.  A young mother left without a breadwinner needs your help. Toys, diapers and everything that infants require  from the first month of life is needed. ”

As Yulia Stepanova writes, Jaroslav, a young son of Arciom and Svetlana has about a month. He  weighs 4.4 kg, measures 57 cm. The young mother  suddenly stopped  lactating and child who suffers from allergy, needs a special diet.

Arciom Hrybkou, a participant in the events of December 19, 2010, and a political prisoner died in a car accident in December 2012, while his wife was pregnant.

If you want to help Jaroslav please contact Yulia Stepanova via Facebook:



Photo: Arciom Hrybkou with his wife and niece.



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