Mikola Statkevich visited by the lawyer

As the wife of a political prisoner informed, a meeting with the lawyer took place on November 9. Mikola Statkevich said that he was transferred to a better cell and was visited by an Orthodox priest. Marina Adamovich told also that  prison administration responded to the complaint Mikola Statkevich wrote. Mikola complained about the fact that he does not receive cosmetic or toiletry products, despite money from his salary are taken for this purpose.

“They tried to convince him that money from his salary are not taken to buy toilet paper, soap, etc. But since the new year, all these products are to be available in this prison. But why only in this prison? We all know that such products do not appear in any other prison. The fact is that, people who do not have any support from their relatives are in a very bad situation” – said Mrs. Adamovich.

At the request to comment on the dismiss of a KGB chairman Vadim Zaitsev, Marina Adamovich said:

“He was in charge of the KGB, and as head of the department he took responsibility for what was happening. Illegal detentions, harassment and unlawful verdicts. He cannot deny it now. ”


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