Mikola Statkievich has denied to write a request for clemency

Presidential candidate and political prisoner Mikola Statkevich has denied to write a request for clemency. Marina Adamovich, Statkevich’s wife has informed.

“Mikola have often said that he had never wrote and do not intend to write a request for clemency. Quite the contrary, he has written a statement to the administration of the colony, with a request to  the authorities to never again propose him such things. Mikola knows well and talked about it many times, even during his speech at the end of the trial, that it is unacceptable to ask criminals to write for pardon. This is unacceptable for him both morally and politically. Therefore he could not betray the people who entrust him, he cannot betray the case to which he sacrificed over 20 years ” – said Mrs. Adamovich

As reported by Радыё Свабода, mother of political prisoner Eduard Lobau, Marina said that he  also did not write any requests for clemency. As she informs, as far as she knows,  Siarhei Kavalenka and another political prisoner, one of the anarchists, asked for a presidential pardon.

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