A week of action to congratulate Ales Bialiatski on his birthday

The imprisoned leader of the Human Rights Center “Viasna” Ales Bialiatski is likely to mark his birthday in prison – on September 25 he will be 50. Therefore, The Human Rights Center “Viasna” organized the birthday week action.

The bars cannot be an obstacle to give Ales Bialiatski the most precious thing one could give – sincere and warm greetings, words of support and sharing belief in his prompt release.

To support Ales you may:

1. Send a birthday card:

213807, 1 vul. Sikorskaha, Babruisk, Mahiliou Voblasts, penal colony No. 2, unit No.14, Ales Viktaravich Bialiatski

2. Send a birthday telegram:

Just dial 166 when you are in Minsk and your Belarusian or Russian are good enough (you will have to specify the recipient’s patronymic).

3. Send your photo with greetings for Ales:

e-mail: viasna@spring96.org – the photos will be published in a birthday booklet to be sent to Ales.

4. Send a birthday letter through the online service convert.by:

Write your birthday greetings online, to be sent by a regular mail free of charge by a team of volunteers.

5. Post Ales’s photo as your userpic in social networks:

You will thus call your friends to join the birthday week action.


Palitviazni.info encourages everyone concerned to take part in this action.


On 24th November Minsk court sentenced Ales Bialiatski, Head of the Viasna Human Rights Centre and Vice-Director of the International Federation for Human Rights to four and a half years imprisonment for supposed tax evasion.  The case has been widely condemned as an attempt to crush a prominent human rights defender and all those who stand up for democracy, rights and the rule of law in Belarus.

49-year-old Ales Bialiatski has been convicted over “tax evasion” in connection with bank accounts opened and used to transfer money from abroad to Belarus to help victims of political repression, since Viasna was officially dissolved by the Belarusian regime in 2003.

It was discovered that the governments of Lithuania and Poland handed over the private details of Viasna’s bank account in Vilnius to the Belarusian authorities, all the regime needed to put the trumped up charge together.

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