Eduard Lobau’s relatives have no news from him

It is almost a month that Eduard Lobau’s relatives have no news from him, no calls and no letters.

“If the son was placed in the punishment cell, Alieksandr Franckevich, who also is imprisoned in the colony in Ivanceviche, would inform us about this but there is also no news from him” – said Eduard’s mom, Marina Lobau.

“Next week, if we still have no information from Eduard , I will go to the prison with the lawyer. Especially that it is a long time that the lawyer was able to meet him,” she adds.

Eduard Lobau , an activist of the “Young Front” is serving four years in prison. Lobau was arrested along with Dzmitri Dashkevich one day before the presidential elections (December 18, 2010). They were both accused of assault.


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