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The website was presented to the public during the conference on August 24, which was held in the Belarusian House in Warsaw. Foundation for the Development of Democratic Initiatives and representatives of the Human Rights Centre “Viasna” showed a new installment of the portal that is run in four languages. Editors of presented the new structure of website to the conference participants. is the only website where one can find profiles of all 178 people who were persecuted and/or imprisoned by the President Lukashenko’s  regime. Visitors are able to find not only an individual by a name, but also by the year of conviction and type of punishment. In the chronologies of proceedings against given individuals, one may find the names of investigators and judges, because, as pointed by one of journalists who writes for – It is important that the people who are victimized by the regime did not remain anonymous.

After the conference there was a screening of the film Ales Bialiatski’s Candle of Truth, the unusual eight-minute moving image was a prelude to a panel discussion with the participation of young Belarusian oppositionists: Vyacheslav Dianov, one of the coordinators of Belarusian Revolution through Social Network and Franak Viatchorka, an opposition youth activist, co-worker of Radio Free Europe and Radio Svaboda. The discussion was moderated by the editor of, website about member states of the EU Eastern Partnership – Łukasz Grajewski. The discussion concerned the situation of political prisoners before the upcoming elections in Belarus, as well as “the future of the regime.”

Photos from the event can be found on profile on Facebook, where one will also find a link to video relation by  Belsat TV.


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