Lawyer of Zmicer Dashkievich was allowed to visit him in jail

On May 24, lawyer of the  leader of “Young Front” was allowed to visit him in prison.

Anastasia Dashkievich informed Radio Svaboda: “He is all right. He is in good mood and looks fine too. He does not complain about anything in particular, there is no new information, he does not say much about himself. ” The wife of a political prisoner adds that in his letter Zmitser writes: “Love and kisses” as it  appears in every his letter.” Zmicer Dashkievich is still being kept  in a solitary confinement, in Hrodna prison for willful violation of prison regulations.

On December 18, 2010, the leader of “Young Front” was arrested and sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for acts of vandalism. In the autumn of 2012, before the end of the sentence, Zmicer Dashkievich was tried again and imprisoned for another  year for allegedly breaking the prison rules.

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