Political prisoner Mikalai Dziadok to be tried again

As reported by Mikalai Dziadok’s wife Valeryia Khotsina to Radio “Racyja”, her husband  underwent psychiatric forensic examination at Mahiliou prison No. 4.

Mikalai Dziadok has been sentenced to 4.5 years of imprisonment within the frames of the so-called case of anarchists. He was found guilty in malicious hooliganism. On November 20, 3.5 months before his release from jail, a new action against him was taken for severe disobedience to the prison rules. Mikalai Dziadok faces a new prison term, up to 1 year.

According to Valeryia Khotsina, the results of the examination remain unknown.
“Perhaps tomorrow they will present final charges on him and then he can be put in the pre-trial detention center, located next to the prison. Though they are two different buildings, they still belong to one institution. And as a rule these are ambulatory courts. Some court representatives arrive there and take a closed judicial session,” she says.

According to Mrs. Khotsina, from her talks and letters with her husband she can conclude that Mikalai is still standing tall despite a new wave of pressure.

“He thinks more of his relatives than of himself. During the first days he felt despondent. But now he seems to have overcome this. In his letter he mentioned that the new prison term would be less that what he had served already,” his wife says. She supposes that her husband will be kept in jail up to the presidential elections.

Let us remind  that on May 27, 2011 Zavadski Regional court in Minsk found Mikalai Dziadok, Ihar Alinevich and Aliaksandr Frantskevich, accused on the same case, guilty under Art. 339 para 2 of the Criminal Code (malicious hooliganism) and Art. 218 para 2 and 3 (willful destruction or defilement of property). They were incriminated a rash of buildings attacks and arsons, particularly the organization of unauthorized antimilitary action next to the Ministry of Defense in 2009, throwing Molotov cocktails at the Russian Embassy and detention occupancy in Akhrestsin Str. in Minsk in 2010.

Human rights activists treat imposed sentence to Dziadok and other imprisoned as politically motivated and consider Mikalai Dziadok as a political prisoner.

Source: charter97.org

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