Political prisoner Yauhen Vaskovich sent back to colony

According to the website of Radio Liberty’s Belarus service, Yauhen Vaskovich has been transferred from prison in Mahiliou during the last weekend. The political prisoner’s mother, Rushaniya Vaskovich, says he must have been sent back to the local penal colony.

I phoned the prison’s special department. It was on Monday. They said that they didn’t have him anymore. So, he was transferred at the weekend. But I could not phone the colony. Because they changed their phone numbers, and I don’t have the new ones. I will now wait for a letter from him. But he cannot call soon, will he first be quarantined for 10 days or two weeks. I do not know exactly how long do they keep them in quarantine. So he should tell by the middle of November.”

Political prisoner Yauhen Vaskovich has spent three years in prison, after being convicted by a decision of the court for alleged breach of colony rules. Vaskovich will have to serve almost three more years in the Mahiliou colony. The activist was sentenced to seven years in prison for hooliganism against the KGB building in Babruisk. Yauhen Vaskovich pleaded not guilty and refused to sign the petition for clemency.


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