Amateur football cup players remind about political prisoners

Two teams, which were taking part in the Henadz Karpenka Liberty Cup, were wearing T-shirts saying “Freedom for Mikalai Statkevich”, to demand the immediate release of political prisoners.

The amateur cup was held on August 8. The competition involved 12 teams of political parties, movements and independent journalists. The winner of the tournament is the team of the Social Democrats, the second place was taken by the BAJ squad, the third went to the team of the “Belarusian movement” initiative. The fair play prize, which is traditionally awarded by the Belarusian Association of Journalists, was received by representatives of the UCP.

Каманда Партыі БНФ, фота з фэйсбука

The BPF Team

The fourth place went to the BPF. The Belarusian Popular Front squad has been for the third year in a row playing in T-shirts with pictures of political prisoners, demanding their immediate release. In 2012, representatives of the Belarusian Popular Front played in T-shirts “Free Ales Bialiatski!” In 2013, they demanded freedom for Bialiatski and Statkevich. This year, the BPF players dedicated their game to Mikalai Statkevich, presidential candidate of 2010, who still remains behind bars.


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