Vasil Parfiankou switches between solitary and lockup

What is better for the former political prisoner Vasil Parfiankou: “solitary” with a radio or a lockup with other inmates? I asked Volha Mikalaichyk, who has been writing to the activist, to pass the question to Vasil Parfiankou.

Parfiankou has been held in a colony in Horki for four months already. The question seems logical, because Vasil Parfiankou is constantly switching between the punishment cell with stricter conditions and solitary confinement with a bit more freedom, but there he is all alone, there is only a radio on the wall.

When Vasil Parfiankou is discharged from another lockup, he writes a letter to Volha, and by this she realizes that he is in the solitary. “And when there are no letters for a long time, then Vasil is again punished with a penal cell,” explains the activist, saying that Vasil Parfiankou asks to support him with letters.

“And he’s alone in the solitary confinement, alone with the Lord and with a radio. And so he asks to write to him. Could you please, if you can, post the address, so that people wrote to him. For him, it is very important, he lives with these letters, for him it is the only connection to the world.

His address: 213410, Mahiliou region, horad Horki, penal colony number 9, cell number 17. Vasil Parfiankou.”

Former political prisoner Vasil Parfiankou was sentenced to one year in prison for violating the rules of preventive supervision, which he was awarded to him after being detained for actions of solidarity with political prisoners.

Aleh Hruzdzilovich,

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