Mahiliou prison administration says destruction of letters is legitimate

An activist of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party “Hramada”, Leanid Haravy, received a response from head of the Mahiliou-based prison. He demanded an explanation why his letter did not reach political prisoner Mikalai Statkevich.

“The response from the prison says that “no violations have been established in extracting the letter sent by you by the staff of prison No. 4.” And that’s it… Instead of taking measures to ensure a complete, unbiased, comprehensive and timely addressing the complaints and issuing well-grounded decisions. Though, why should I be surprised? The complaint was considered by those against whom I actually complained. Where to write next? Department of Corrections of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Minsk, or the Prosecutor Office of Mahiliou? Or the State Control Committee?” says Leanid Haravy, member of the BSDP (Hramada) and activist of the Movement “For Freedom.”

He has been writing to all the political prisoners, but in response to one of his latest letters to Statkevich he received a message saying that the message had not been allowed by censorship. A postcard from Statkevich said, “I received an empty envelope from your letter marked by censorship. So, your letter was very good :) . Thanks for your support. Good luck and success in your work!”

Leanid Haravy considers it an unreasonable restriction on the political prisoner’s right to correspondence. The activists says the answer to his complaint against the illegal actions of the officials of the Mahiliou-based prison No. 4 is a run-around reply and says he is going to appeal it to higher bodies.

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