Vasyl Parfiankou was refused to be transferred to the prison hospital unit in Dzerzhinsk

The information that Parfiankou was refused to be transferred to the prison hospital unit in Dzerzhinsk was passed by a group of social activists, who visited the former political prisoner in a prison hospital unit in Swietlahorsk.

– The document, which Vasyl received from the Department of Correctional Services of the Ministry of the Interior does not contain any  information on why Vasyl was not allowed to move from Swietlahorsk to Dzerzhinsk – said in an interview for Radio Svaboda, movie director Olga Nikolajchyk. According to her, the father of political prisoner, Peter Parafiankou requested militia to transfer his son to Dzerzhinsk, closer to Minsk, but have not yet received a response. – Most likely, the answer is negative – says Olga Nikolajchyk.

According to her information, Vasyl Parfiankou wanted to transfer closer to Minsk so that his family and friends could visit him more often.

The activist described meeting with Vasil and conditions In the prion hospital unit.

-Vasyl Parfiankou came to the meeting straight from work, his hands were bruised. It turned out that they had received a huge order from Russia for the execution of special coils for electrical wiring. Vasyl puts together these coils, so often hurts his hands. But he is satisfied. They were told that they may earn some additional money. Earlier they were getting meager salaries. Vasyl Parfiankou lives in a small room with 40 other people sleep on beds. Former political prisoner suffers in particular because of the lack of independent information. Most independent newspapers, which he was to receive, are not passed to him – said Olga.

Olga Nikolajchyk was very surprised that Parfiankou did not even know that the court in Minsk  scheduled hearing in his case on 28 November. He is accused of the violation of the prophylactic surveillance. – Probably this date will be deferred, and the situation of Vasyl will change, but for the worse – said the activist.

At the same time  she stressed that Vasyl is in a good mood, and he thanked people for their support and solidarity with him.


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