BCD has initiated in Vilnius parliamentary hearings on the issue of political prisoners

Special hearings on the issue of Belarusian political prisoners and human rights situation will be held on the eve of the Civil Society Forum, during the Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius. 

The hearings were initiated, by the Belarusian Christian Democracy party. This idea was supported by the Lithuanian deputies. As co-chair of the BCD Vital Rymaszeuski said:

– On 27 November the Lithuanian parliament will held debate “Human Rights in Belarus,” prepared by the Committee for Foreign Affairs of the Lithuanian parliament and by the BCD partners “Homeland Union” – Lithuanian Christian Democrats.

Relatives of Belarusian political prisoners were invited by the Lithuanian deputies to participate in the hearings.

-We must once again inform the international public opinion about the situation of Belarusian political prisoners and convince our society that the European Union does not forget about the problem. That the EU not only invites for negotiations representatives of the ruling regime, but also sends a clear signal of support for democracy and human rights- said Vital Rymaszeuski.



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