Without Priest Lazar

In Minsk takes place traditional Belarusian meeting of Catholic priests who are praying for their collegue from Borisov, Father Uladzislaw Lazar, who was arrested by the KGB.

In the Red Church gathered priests from all Belarusian parishes, 250 priests in total. Only Father Uladzislaw Lazar is missing. He is now far from the Red Church – in the KGB detention center.

The meeting is held under the motto “Lumen fidei – Fidelitas sacerdotalis” (“Light of faith – faithfulness of priests”).

As said a spokesman for the Catholic Bishops Conference Father Yuri Sanko, at one session devoted to the interaction of the Church and society will be discussed the situation of Uladzislaw Lazar, who is now in prison for the alleged offense.

– There is no new information on the fate of Father Lazar. As the priest Lazar’s lawyer has no right to disclose information about the course of the investigation, the Holy Church leaders are worried about the fate of Father Lazar and is praying for him – said Priest Yuri Sanko.

On 25 October Apostolic Nuncio met with the arrested Father Lazar in the KGB prison in Minsk.

Father Lazar is accused under the Article 356, part 1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (treason). His criminal responsibility is defined as complicity.


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