Pavel Sieviaryniec: The authorities issued warning to Dashkievich

The authorities warn the leader of the Young Front not to return to politics

Pavel Sieviaryniec, a former political prisoner, commented to website recent detention of Zmicer Dashkievich

-On 6 November, the regime issued two warnings: one personally to Zmicer Dashkievich, and one to Europeans. The regime gives Dashkevich to know, that  if he is still engaged in the activities of the Young Front, he can be imprisoned again, despite the fact that he has a family and is under preventive supervision. This is a warning to Dashkievich. Power cannot break him, but they can warn him – says politician.

According to Pavel Sieviaryniec, Dashkievich should be supported not only by the members of the Young Front but by all Belarusians because he is a very brave man, who even in harsh conditions is still struggling and sets an example to others.

Zmitser Dashkevich was detained on 6 November as he was collecting signatures for renaming Lenin Street into Frantsyskanskaya Street. Judge Valery Yesman from Minsk’s Tsentralny district court sentenced the activist to 3 days in the detention facility for alleged disobedience to the militia.

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