The Belarusian authorities do not intend to release the political prisoners

Representatives of Belarusian political parties learnt from a Swedish-Polish delegation that is visiting Minsk these days that the Belarusian authorities do not intend to release the political prisoners.

The delegation visits Belarus before the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius scheduled for November. Anatol Liabedzka took part in the meeting, Radio Svaboda reports.

It was a Swedish-Polish discussion on the Eastern Partnership. Belarus was represented by 11 people – experts and representatives of political parties and NGOs. At first, we received information about preliminary meetings with representatives of the authorities – the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Kupchyna and a representative of Lukashenka’s administration Brylou.

There was given to understand that the issue of political prisoners may be solved using the formula: pen – paper – a petition for clemency. It is the most suitable way for the authorities. I am not sure whether the prisoners will like it.

As for the Eastern Partnership, it’s obvious that we are not leaders, but outsiders in this project. The play goes on, teams are playing, but we sit on substitutes’ bench. But as far as the Vilnius Summit is being concerned, I can definitely say that we will be happy for other countries. I said at today’s meeting ‘long live Ukraine!’ They are making practical steps. They are full of enthusiasm. They discuss it. Their society is involved in it.

Some efforts should be done to make the Eastern Partnership and the Dialogue on Modernisation Programmes relevant for an average citizen of Belarus. If we cannot cross the EU border without problems, we are losing supporters of this idea and this strategic directionsaid Liabedzka.


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