Ihar Alinievich was punished for having exercised his rights

Mother of a political prisoner Ihar Alinievich, Valentina Alinievich learned why her son was sent to solitary confinement on his 30th birthday.

-They punished him, not because he went to prison school, but because he did not go to work. They have such a rule, that those who study in prison, are automatically discharged from work. It is difficult to reconcile evening school and the work – told Valentina Alinievich to Radio Svaboda.

-On1 September 1 he started to attend school, so he stopped working. And apparently the authorities decided that it would be too easy for him. He was told that those who have unpaid debts have to work, or to work and learn … In short, they create obstacles everywhere. Firstly they took him to school and fired from work, and then they again changed their minds – added Valentina.

Ihor Alinevich is an anarchist activist, he was sentenced to eight years in prison for attempting to set fire on 31 May 2010 to the Minsk casino “Shangri-la” and a branch of the Minsk-Moscow bank, to attack the Russian Embassy on 30 August 2010, and for an attempt to set fire to the Okrestina prison in Minsk on 6 September 2010. Alinievich pleaded not guilty. He is serving a sentence in the penal colony in Novopolotsk, where he began to learn as tailor.



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