Uladzislau Lazar: I am waiting for release because I am not guilty

Relatives of the arrested priest received his first letter.

Priest Uladzislau Lazar, was detained four months, he is being accused of espionage. He wrote a letter to his sister Yanina Lazar, that he is innocent, Radio Svaboda reports.

“He writes he is not guilty. He is waiting for the release,” she said. According to Yanina Lazar, the investigation goes on, but she doesn’t know details, because even a lawyer doesn’t say anything. Uladzislau Lazar’s sister worries about her brother’s health as he had a serious surgery some years ago.

“He doesn’t write about it in his letter,” Yanina Lazar says.

The Catholic priest from Barysau Uladzislau Lazar was arrested in late May and placed into the KGB jail. Three months later, the heads of the Belarusian Catholic Church were said the priest was charged with passing money to a person suspected of espionage against Belarus. Relatives of priest Uladzslau Lazar say the investigation was continued in August, but no one knows when it will be completed.

Pope Francis said in early October during an audience, during which Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz was present that he wanted to know all the details about the case of the arrested priest and would keep an eye on the situation. The Pope expressed his deep concern about the situation.

Uladzislau Lazar is still in KGB jail. His parishioners wrote to him number of letters, but non of them did receive an answer.

Radio Swaboda


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