MEPs ask for permission to meet with Belarusian political prisoners

The MEPs delegation composed of four members plans to come to Belarus in late October  to meet with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Home Affairs, as well as with representatives of civil society. The most important purpose of the trip is to meet with political prisoners.

Such meeting may take place  only if  the Belarusian side gives consent to it, says the chairman of the Delegation for relations with Belarus Filip Kaczmarek:

Yes, we asked for such possibility. We have sent an official letter to the Belarusian side. In the case of a refusal to meet with political prisoners, we want to meet with their families. But this would be only a partial success – said Mr. Kaczmarek.

The first secretary of the Belarusian Delegation to the EU in Brussels, with whom MEPs discussed a plan to visit Belarus, pointed out that the meeting with political prisoners should not be within their competence.

Such meeting is not subject to review, because it is contrary to our law. And such permissions do not fall within my competence, nor are the responsibility of the embassy. Here  is needed  a specific legal procedure. Therefore I cannot comment on anything here, nor predict –said the first secretary.

The previous MEPs visit to Belarus which was scheduled for July has been postponed, as the Belarusian side has presented a condition – a meeting with the parliament of Belarus, which the European Union does not recognize.


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