Maryna Adamovich: Political prisoners’ rights for correspondence are blatantly violated

Mikalaj Statkievich’s spouse received a response to her complaint from the Mahilou office of the penitentiary department.

The complaint was submitted because the political prisoner’s letters had been often held in censorship for over three days which is forbidden by law. Although, in the department they have a different opinion, Radio Racyja reports.

-I attached the copies of envelopes. Mikalaj always writes the date on it as he passes a letter to an inspector. The dates on the stamps are 5-7, even 10 days different. I submitted a complaint to the penitentiary department and prosecutor’s office and received absolutely standard responses that my husband was not under guard, but was convicted, which meant that the law’s requirements were not applicable – Maryna Adamovich said.

In her opinion, this is a blatant violation of the prisoners’ right for correspondence. The political prisoner’s wife is going to appeal against the actions of the Mahilou wardens.

The former presidential candidate Mikalaj Statkievich was sentenced to 6 years of conviction and is kept in a prison in Mahilou.

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