Andrej Hajdukou met with mother

Political prisoner Andrej Hajdukou was allowed a meeting with his mother before being transferred to correctional colony No. 19 in Mahilou. learnt it from Volha Hajdukova.

“I received permission for a visit in the Supreme Court on August 29. On August 30, we had a meeting in detention facility No. 2 in Vitebsk. He looks good. He was transferred to correctional colony No. 19 in Mahilou on August 31,” – the political prisoner’s mother said.

She said the meeting was followed by a long silence.

“We returned from our summer house yesterday and received two letters and a notification that Andrei has been in Mahilou since August 31. The letters were sent on September 1 and 2. He writes conditions are easier than in Vitebsk. I wrote an answer and sent him a telephone card. I don’t know when he will call,” Volha Haidukova said.

Opposition activist Andrej Hajdukou was found guilty on July 1 of attempting to establish contacts with foreign intelligence and sentenced to 1.5 years in a correctional facility. The verdict was pronounced by the Vitebsk regional court at the closed trial.


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