Eduard Lobau found out about Dashkevich’s release

A political prisoner, a member of the Young Front Eduard Lobau, who is imprisoned in penal colony in Ivatsevichy, found out about releasing of Zmitser Dashkevich.

Dashkevich and Lobau were sentenced in one case (assault and robbery), that was based on forged circumstantial evidence and those were invalidated during court proceedings. It did not prevent execution of the sentence.

According to the prisoner’s mother, and member of the Young Front, Eduard was very happy because of the release of Zmister:

We talked briefly. Nothing changed, everything is as it was earlier.  I told him, that Dashkevich was released on Thursday. He was very happy for Zmister and congratulated him. He is very happy that Zmister is free, but he doesn’t like the fact that he is still under preventive supervision. It is a kind of freedom, as he called it.

Marina Lobava passed congratulations of her son to Zmister Dashkevitch. His release and engagement with Nasta Palazanka is also a very happy day for her, since the 18th December, 2010, when Dashkievich and Lobau were arrested.



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