Dashkievich will be subject to preventive supervision for six months after being released from prison

Nasta Dashkievich, wife of the political prisoner gave an interview to Euroradio.

Nasta Dashkievich: On Tuesday, August 15,  a trial was held, resulting in the established preventive supervision over Zmitser for 6 months. It means that he will have to be at home between eight in the evening and six o’clock in the morning and will have to three times a month report to the police. If they introduced a rigor time, the police will certainly appear in the house to see if Zmitser is home. He will be allowed to go abroad only with permission of Regional Office of Internal Affairs. Similarly, a trip to another city is possible only with the permission of the police.

The leader of the Young Front, Dzmitri Dashkievich should be released on August 28.

Nasta says she has already started renovation of the flat to properly greet her husband, but probably will not manage to finish it on time.

Dzmitri Dashkievich and his colleague, Eduard Lobau, were arrested on December 18, 2010, on the eve of the presidential election. They were accused of beating two citizens of Minsk and sentenced. Politicians and human rights defenders believe that the arrest and detention of two members of the Young Front was organized by security forces to intimidate opposition.


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