Irina Khalip was detained at the airport

A journalist was detained at the airport as she was boarding a flight to Warsaw.

As mother of Iryna Khalip informed Radio Svaboda, her daughter was going to fly to Warsaw on 30 July to see her husband Andrei Sannikov, the leader of the civil initiative European Belarus and 2010 presidential candidate. Security officers at Minsk-2 airport took away Ms Khalip’s passport during the check-in procedure. The journalist was told she was on the KGB list, so her flight to Poland had to be agreed on with the KGB.

Iryna Khalip received her passport back only 30 minutes before departure.

Irina wrote on her Facebook page: “I have new message! I have just found out that I am on some special list of terrorists.”

On 19 July, Minsk’s Partyzanski district court granted freedom to Iryna Khalip after expiration of her sentence for taking part in protests against the rigged election on December 19, 2010. The police assured the journalist that all restrictions on her had been lifted.


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