Is it worth to rely on the release of political prisoners after Makey’s visit in Brussels?

Roman Jakowlewski, political commentator,  believes that one should not expect a release of political prisoners after Makey’s visit  in Brussels.

Carl Bildt expressed his wish to hear Makey, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkiavicius welcomed the fact that the head of the Interior Ministry of Belarus listened in silence and did not oppose as it usually happens.

Roman Jakowlewski pointed out that according to some media, after Makey’s visit a vast number of officials from different countries of the European Union, including those from Brussels will visit Minsk.

– We do not see any progress. Where is it? The authorities release only those political prisoners, whose sentences expired. For now no one was released earlier. We know that Lukashenko tries to make political prisoners to write requests for pardon, but all of them refused. Visit of Makey will not change anything. It’s obvious that Makey is not a decision maker- said Mr. Jakowlewski.

Roman Jakowlewski also noted that in September, Foreign Minister of Belarus should appear in Yerevan at a meeting of foreign ministers of the Eastern Partnership.

-Political prisoners are in prisons and their release and rehabilitation is the most important condition. Anyway, Makey called this condition an “ultimatum” and that in fact, is the condition necessary to establish relations between Belarus and the EU, – added Roman Jakowlewski.


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