Ministry of Interior of Lithuania on 22 July in Brussels discussed with Makey the issue of Belarusian political prisoners

The issues of the release of Belarusian political prisoners was discussed in Brussels on 22 July. BelaPAN news agency learnt it from the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, the country holding the EU presidency since 1 July.

 -Yes, this question was raised. The release of political prisoners and their full rehabilitation were named among the main conditions. The foreign ministers expressed a desire to see a more constructive attitude from Belarus,- the press service of Lithuanian ministry informed.

Asked about Uladzimir Makey’s reaction to the question, the press service said: The Lithuanian delegation found Belarus’s reaction to be more constructive than it was before. Some of the questions remained unanswered and some topics were hushed up, but the Lithuanian delegation found more constructiveness and willingness to build relations with the EU

Asked after the meeting by an RFE/RL correspondent in Brussels if lifting the EU sanctions on official Minsk in exchange for the release of political prisoners was discussed, Makey said: We discussed all items on the agenda relating to our cooperation with the EU.

23 lipca, komentując negocjacje w wywiadzie dla wąskiego grona państwowych białoruskich mediów, Makiej obwieścił, że na spotkaniu w Brukseli Białoruś wystapiła o zdjęcie sankcji unijnych.

On 23 July, Mr. Makey said to journalists from the Belarusian state-owned media that Belarus proposed Brussels to lift sanctions. – We think that the attitude towards all Eastern Partnership member states must be based on an equal non-discriminatory approach. We stated clearly that the EU sanctions against Belarus must be lifted, because they harm our relations and benefit neither Belarus nor the European Union – Makey said.

The main issue discussed at a meeting of the heads of the Interior Ministry of the EU countries and the Eastern Partnership were preparations  for Partnership Summit in Vilnius. Makey arrived in Brussels at the invitation of the EU. This is the first of his visit to Europe after the EU visa sanctions were lifted.


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