Maryna Adamovich: Finally, I am allowed to hear the voice of my husband

Mykola Statkevich was granted the right to use phone. Political prisoner took advantage of this opportunity and called his wife – Maryna Adamovich. For the first time in a long time, she was able to hear her husband.

According to the Executive Penal Code, prisoners have the right to make phone calls. The Code does not limit the number of phones available to the prisoner, and the minimum is one per month. After a long battle, Mikola was allowed to make one phone call per month – said Ms. Adamovich.

In a recent letter to Maryna Adamovich, Mikola Statkevich explains that his previous letter was seized by the district persecutor’s office. –They also requested clarification on the issue of the letter, in which he described the situation in Shklov colony, – noted the wife of a political prisoner. Ms. Adamovich does not know the contents of the letter,but she said she is confident that Mikola Statkevich certainly had interesting things to write about.

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