Siarhiej Marcalieu: I want to welcome Mikola Statkevich after his release from prison

In criminal proceedings against Siarhiej Marcalieu there will be no trial. Political prisoner learned this from criminal-executive inspection of the Partisan District in Minsk.

Siarhiei Marcalieu was sentenced to two years of restriction of freedom for participating in Ploshcha 2010. He appeared on his own initiative on 17 July before the criminal-executive inspection, because the sentence ends in 3 day but he still did not receive any news concerning his case.

As Siarhiej informed, the criminal-executive inspection did not give him any specific information.

They told me that Irina Khalip is judged because she was accused under the  article  342 of the Act 1 point 77 of the Criminal Code. I have the same article, but the point. 78th  which says that if within two years there was not committed any administrative offence (say, crossing the street at a red light) or an offense prosecuted in criminal proceedings, the date of the judgment shall expire automatically, without trial, – said Siarhiej.

Inspection also informed him that the other prisoners convicted of the same article also should not expect a trial.

In this way, on 22 July my restrictions on travel within the country and a ban on travel abroad should be removed – concludes Marcalieu

Na pytanie, co ma zamiar robić po zakończeniu wyroku, więzień polityczny powiedział:

When asked what he was going to do after sentence ends, a political prisoner, said:

We found ourselves in an unusual situation. Some of our friends are abroad. Someone should stay here and fight on. I would like to stay in the country, if conditions permit. I would like to welcome Statkievich after his release from prison. This is my homeland. I want to make it a better place – noted Mr. Marcalieu.

On 19 July at 9:30 am Siarhiej Marcalieu plans to express his moral support for the journalist Irina Khalip, whose case will be consider again by the Partisan District Court in Minsk. Irina Khalip received a two-year suspended sentence.

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