Letter from Statkevich was captured and handed over to the district prosecutor’s office

As Maryna Adamovich, the wife of politician, reports on statkevich.org there were always problems with correspondence. Previously, however, the letters of Mikola Statkevich were rejected by censorship, and incoming letters were disappearing or Mr. Statkevich received empty envelopes.

-His latest letter surprised me, Mikola writes that his previous letters were seized and sent to the district prosecutor’s office. The letter was describing the situation in the Shklou correctional colony- Maryna says.

-I wonder what it could mean. Either the prison authorities fear that information about correctional facilities can leak outside the prison, or they decided to be proactive and inform about the revealed violations. If the second is true, they would have rather used the copy of the letter. Therefore, I believe the first guess is more probable – added Maryna Adamovich.

Ms. Adamovich doesn’t know what was written in the letter but says Mikola Statkevich had certainly a lot to say in it.

-I remember well what had been going on there two years ago, after Lukashenka’s visit to Shklou. Political prisoners were proposed to apply for a pardon. They faced strong pressure. I think Mikola had interesting things to write about. I hope the situation will not be hushed up even if they seize ten more letters.”

The head of the penal colony No 17, colonel Jermolicki and his deputy Jagulewski and the other two officers directly responsible for the torture of political prisoners  two years ago, were included on the list of those who are banned to enter the European Union.


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