Olga Hajdukou: We have never before experienced such a nightmare

Olga Hajdukou, the mother of Andrej Hajdukou, who after the trial was transferred to Vitebsk detention center, is still hoping for a change of the sentence and the release of her son.

Ms. Hajdukou  confirmed that the two lawyers lodged a complaint against the sentence and Andrej is to submit the same complaint:

“I do not know how long we will have to wait for the outcome. It is also unclear what will happen next. I know that Andrej is also preparing a complaint. Lawyer confirmed that he was writing it, and is going to send it. This criminal article is quite strange, it can be interpreted in various ways. And every decision is subjective. Let’s hope it gets better. He was put under such pressure to pull up his case under article of which he was accused in the first place.. I can only imagine what a nightmare it must have been. And now what? I do not know much about these things. As a family we have never before experienced such a nightmare. Everything will be done by lawyers. For me, it’s all black magic, as well as for the others, especially since the letters stopped coming from prison. Probably, Andrej doesn’t receive ours. Recently came a letter that Andrej posted 10 days ago. One letter was from July 3. It was very short. It does not say anything special. In the end, if he wrote anything particular in a letter, we would certainly  did not get it. After the letter, which received Tatiana Sieviaryniec censorship increased. Fortunately he receives packages. ”

Shortly after the trial, Ms. Olga had a meeting with her son, and told about it to the correspondent of “Radio Svaboda”:

“Shortly after the trial I was allowed to meet with my son, Andrej. On July 1, in the afternoon we met in prison. We talked for about two hours. My husband and my sister were also allowed to meet him. One by one. I cannot imagine how he endures all this, he is really brave.”

– Did he tell you whether he pleads guilty or not?

– We did not talk about it. I think that if he pleaded guilty, he would be sentenced to 15 years and not to 2. However, we did not talk about it.

– And what did he say about the conditions of detention,  and about his  health?

– Did not say anything. You understand, if there is something wrong, he himself takes care of these things. He writes complaints. He fights for himself, even there. I support him in this, brave boy. And as for the well-being, he said that he feels good.

– Were you promised another meeting with your son?

– No, I was not promised anything, but I will try to do that. Maybe next week. If they allow for the meeting, I’ll be happy.

– And how do you feel in relation to this whole story?

– Andrej is holding up we do the same. We are optimistic.



Translation by Palitviazni.info


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