Hajdukou’s attorneys filed complaints in the court

Lawyers of Andrej Hajdukou, sentenced for trying to establish contacts with foreign intelligence, filed complaints in the District Court of Vitebsk.

“We have received complaints of both lawyers of Mr.Hajdukou. Currently, we shall inform parties to the proceedings about the complaints “, – as was informed Interfax agency by the Vitebsk Regional Court.

The court clarifies that “the Hajdukou’s complaint against the court verdict has not yet reached court.”

Аndrej Hajdukou, originally accused of treason, was sentenced by the District Court in Vitebsk to  year and six months’ imprisonment in a maximum security penal colony.

The court found him guilty of “attempts to establish contacts with officers of foreign intelligence services without signs of betrayal of the state.”

The trial was closed, and the classification of the act in the indictment against Mr. Hajdukou was changed during the process.

Аndrej Hajdukou before the arrest worked as a locksmith in oil plant “Naftan” in Novopolotsk. He was arrested on November 8, 2012 year by the KGB officers on charges of cooperation with foreign intelligence and betrayal of the country.


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