Mikola Statkevich is concerned about the fate of other political prisoners – Vaskovich and Dziadok

Political prisoner, and former presidential candidate, Mikola Statkevich telephoned on July 12 from Mahilou prison to his wife Marina Adamovich. He told her about the incident, which he witnessed in prison.

According to Mr. Statkevich, he heard screams in Belarusian. He  asked his wife to examine the situation of Jauhien Vaskovich and Mikola Dziadok , imprisoned youth activists.

– He said that he had heard twice in complete silence, on the night of the 6th to 7th and 7th to 8th of July, someone yelling and hitting, judging from the noise, the metal cup on the bars. At the same time this person was shouting in pure Belarusian, that he has enough, that he will no longer withstand being in the cell, but that he will not sign a request for clemency – said Marina Adamovich.

According to Marina Adamovich, Mikola Statkevich asked to find out in what kind of situation are Mikola Dziadok and Jauhien Vaskovich. When did they last time see their lawyers, and whether they were recently pressured to sign the request for pardon.

According to the politician, in his prison prisoners are often pressured, but it was first time when he heard shouts in Belarusian, especially regarding the request for a pardon.


Translation by Palitviazni.info

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