Nasta Dashkevich: we will file a complaint against preventive supervision over Zmitser Dashkievich

Relatives of Zmitser Dashkievich struggle to admit to a process on establishing preventive supervision over political prisoner his attorney. “We will go with the lawyer to prison to fix it”, – said the wife of a political prisoner Nasta  Dashkevich.

Zmitser Dashkievich, leader  of  the”Young Front”, is going to be released on August 28th. It is not sure whether he will receive the preventive supervision, as happened to some of former political prisoners.

“So far there has been no information on this subject. We will do everything to find out about the authorities’ decision. The prison administration shall refer the matter to the court, and the court decides. We will do everything to secure lawyer’s presence during the trial” – said Mrs. Dashkievich.

According to Nasta Dashkievich, Zmitser  feels “good and do not complain about health. Zmitser reads a lot and corresponds with people. He has a positive attitude .”

The “Young Front” leader, Zmitser Dashkevich is serving an additional year of imprisonment in Hrodna prison for alleged insubordination of which he was accused at the end of a two-year sentence for a robbery. Mr. Dashkievich believes that both of these sentences have political background.



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