Mikola Statkevich doesn’t receive letters

Correspondence with Mikola Statkevich was suspended after the start of a week of solidarity with political prisoners.

Radio Svaboda was informed about it from the prisoner’s wife, Marina Adamovich. She notes that she did not receive any letter sent by Mikola Statkevich and dating from the end of June. The Committee «Salidarnasc» began the week of solidarity with Mikola Statkevich on June 17.

Marina Adamovich does not exclude the possibility that the correspondence was interrupted due to her husband’s political declarations:

“Lately, especially after he wrote about the Paletskis report, and  his letter to the Prime Minister of Lithuania, all the letters stopped coming to him. From the end of June, there was no letter delivered from him. I’m waiting. Maybe something will appear in the near future” – said Ms. Marina.

Mikola Statkevich is serving six years of imprisonment in a prison in Mogilev, where he was transported to a penal colony for willful violation of the rules. According to Marina Adamovich, who met with her husband in the beginning of July, he  looks and feels good.


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