Pavel Vinogradov: all in all jail time was good for me

The leader of the youth organization “Change”, an activist of the campaign “Tell the Truth!” Pavel Vinogradov spent a year behind bars. His sentence  included  the 14 administrative and 2 criminal proceedings instituted against him.

Pavel Vinogradov  found that severe prison conditions did not stop him in the implementation of a number of useful initiatives.

– All in all, everything came out good for me. It strengthened me morally. In fact, I do not regret a single day spent in prison. I benefited from every experience. I had time to read everything I wanted to read so far. Besides, it’s a good place to spend some time solitarily.

Pavel Vinogradov believes that no matter what, one should pursue the matters beneficial to the country and society, instead of wondering whether one will be punished for that or not.

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