What is Anton Suriapin currently doing?

What has changed in life of Anton Suriapin after he was arrested for participating in Teddybear Airdrop Minsk 2012? On July 13 last year, the militia searched the journalism student’s home, after which Anton in  fact simply disappeared. He decided not to give more interviews on the subject, but told a little bit about what he is currently doing  to Belarusian “Radio Svoboda”.

Anton finished the examination session at the University, he passed on to 5th year of his studies, he  is going to visit Vilnius, because he has never been in Europe and he did not receive any invitation from Sweden. He cooperates with bnp.by website he goes for delegations using hitchhiking.

– On morning July 13 they searched the apartment. Then I decided to disappear. I had a few opportunities to escape. And even in that terrible time when at any moment  I could be imprisoned for 7 years, I remained in the country. And now when I am free and nothing is threatening me, what’s the point of leaving? – says Anton Suriapin.

The journalist hopes to visit European countries in the near future, but does not intend to emigrate from Belarus.


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