Mikola Statkevich highly appreciates young political prisoners

Marina Adamovich, wife of  Mikola Statkevich, visited him in prison. As she informs, he keeps in high esteem currently imprisoned  young political prisoners.

The political prisoner and a candidate for president in 2010, believes these people are potential new Belarusian leaders.

– He even joked that some supporter of the democratic opposition who works for the authorities, wants to undermine the system from the center, and decided to carry out a kind of a casting for future Belarusian leaders, to allow people to make a choice. Kind of comparison and selection process. I am absolutely sure, that these people can become strong and great leaders – said Ms. Adamovich.

According to human rights defenders there are 12 political prisoners in Belarus. Among them are members of the “Young Front” Zmitser Dashkevich and Eduard Lobau, anarchists Ihar Alinievich and Mikola Dziadok, and others.


Translation: Palitviazni.info

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