Andreja Hajdukou sentenced to one and a half year in penal colony

Andrej Hajdukou, the opposition activist, was found guilty of attempting to establish contacts with foreign intelligence.

Vitebsk regional court passed the verdict on Andrej Hajdukou’s case on July 1, Radio Svaboda reports.

The trial of the activist from Navapolatsk was closed. The 23-year old worker from Naftan plant was initially accused of violating to articles: part 1 of the article 14 “Attempted crime” and part 1 of the article 356 “State treason”.

On 19 June the KGB chairman Valer Vakulchyk informed that Andrej Hajdukou could be sentenced under different article.

On 20 June the court interrogated Andrej Hajdukou’s mother as a witness. The woman saw her son for the first time in eight months. He was detained on 8 November 2012.

At the court’s proceeding on Andrej Hajdukou’s case, which took place on 27 June, the state prosecutor asked to punish Hajdukou with 2 years in prison.

The Prosecutor General Aliaksandr Kaniuk informed journalists about that. He did not specify then, to what article the accusation was changed to.

According to an official statement by KGB’s press-service, Andrej Hajdukou was detained in Vitebsk, “when he was putting information of interest for foreign special services in a hiding place”.

According to representatives of the opposition and human rights defenders, Hajdukou was imprisoned for his political activities. Before the trial has started, human rights defenders and representatives of civil society organizations appealed to the authorities for an open trial, but their requests were not acknowledged.

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