Eduard Lobau finally received consideration of his appeal to the persecutor’s office

The political prisoner’s appeal will be re-considered by prosecutor’s office.

The information was passed by Eduard Lobau to his mother, Marina Lobau, in a telephone conversation from the Penal Colony in Ivanceviche, where he is serving his sentence. As informes Radio Racyja.

“He said that he is all right. The only novelty is that the prosecution will reconsider his complaint. The prosecution will consider it again in relation to inadequate consideration of his case by the court, an unjust accusation,  imprisonment in Minsk penal colony and questioning by the KGB without a lawyer’s presence” – said the mother of a political prisoner.

Marina Lobau is skeptical about the possibility of reconsidering the complaint properly.

“Young Front” activist Eduard Lobau has been sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment for alleged hooliganism. “Young Front” leader Zmitser Dashkevich was sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment within the framework of the same case. Though their guilt was not proven, and it followed from the witnesses’ testimonies that they fell victims to a provocation staged by the security services, both of them were deprived of freedom.

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