Political prisoner Frantskievich was forbidden to read Dovlatov and Kafka

The administration of the colony did not let a parcel with books for Frantskievich.

The political prisoner’s mother reported about the situation to Radio Svaboda.

“I do not know why they did not allow it. I received this parcel back, although the lawyer had been recently told at the colony that fiction books are allowed. They warned not to send  philosophic and political books, but now they have forbidden fiction as well. May be, they did not allow Dovlatov, because he wrote about Soviet concentration camps, where he served as a guard? But I cannot imagine, why they did not allow Kafka”, – Tatsiana Frantskievich commented on the situation.

In May 2011 Aliaksandr Frantskievich was sentenced to three years in prison in “the case of Belarus anarchists”. He was accused of attacking a number of state institutions and hacking the web-site of Navapolatsk’s city executive committee. He did not acknowledge the guilt on the trial. Human rights activists consider Frantskievich a political prisoner and demand his immediate release.



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