Mother and brother visit Eduard Lobau in penal colony

A political prisoners has been allowed a long-term meeting with his family.

Eduard Lobau met with his mother and brother Vlad in penal colony No. 22 in Ivatsevichy. The visit lasted 3 days. Maryna Lobava says her son is fine, Radio Racyja reports.

She says the political prisoner sent his best wishes to everyone who remembers and supports him.

“Eduard thinks much about his future. He has served the larger part of his sentence. His 4-year sentence expires in 1 year and 7 months. It’s not a long term in comparison with what other political prisoners have,” Maryna Lobava says. Eduard doesn’t want to talk about a possibility of applying for a pardon .

“He doesn’t hope for early release and doesn’t believe it is possible. If they wanted, they would have released him long ago. What hinders them? Perhaps their vanity. They cannot forgive that he dares not apply to ‘the almighty’ for a pardon,” Maryna Lobava says.

According to the political prisoner’s mother, the prison authorities didn’t allow to left food for her son. They said it was not possible because he violated prison rules. The mother noted it was the first such case. Earlier she could pass 5-10 kg of food out of 30 permitted. She had to take all foodstuffs home.



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