Maryna Adamovich: PACE should not forget about Belarusian political prisoners

The release of political prisoners is not less important demand than abolition of the death penalty.

“Belarus should fulfil certain conditions to become join international European organisations. A moratorium on the use of the death penalty is among priorities. It’s terrifying that the death penalty exists in the country without free and unbiased justice system. I completely agree with this demand” – said Maryna Adamovich, the wife of political prisoner and former presidential candidate Mikalai Statkevich.

“But it worries me that the PACE doesn’t turn attention to other not less important and urgent problems relating to human rights violations. First of all, it is politically motivated prosecution. The problem of political prisoners is currently important. The PACE, like any other organisation focusing on human rights violations, should speak about it. In the context of the signals, which I have been receiving from everywhere lately, it seems to be symbolic that this demand was not voiced. I hope it was made accidentally and the PACE will not forget about the problem of Belarusian political prisoners,” Maryna Adamovich said.




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