Ales Bialiatski has already received 7 reprimands from the prison authorities

Ales Bialiatski has wrote in a letter to his friend Valencin Stefanovich, the Deputy Chairman of “Viasna,” that during his stay in the penal colony he have already received 7 reprimands.

Why is the number of reprimands for Ales Bialiatski growing? Is there any information about the cause of the last punishment? At the moment there is no information on this subject, but, judging from the date of the letter, Ales received the seventh reprimand after September 20, that is after he was visited by the Apostolic Nuncio.

“You see, it is not that important for what he was punished, but as it turns out the fact that the authorities are picking on small things. All just to find a reason and make his stay in the colony in Bobruysk much harder” – commented Natalia Pinchuk, wife of Ales Bialiatski.



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