Ales Bialiatski faces restrictions on medical parcels

The imprisoned leader of the Human Rights Center “Viasna” Ales Bialiatski is facing obstacles in receiving parcels with medicines at penal colony No. 2 in Babruisk, Radio Racyja reports, quoting the human rights defender’s wife Natallia Pinchuk.

“He can receive just one medical parcel. The rules say that he should have stated what was in that parcel and I should have posted it. This is how it used to be. Now he is facing problems. In particular, the weight of the parcel has been limited to one kilo only. And it is not clear why,” says Natallia Pinchuk.

According to Ales Bialiatski’s wife, such restrictions are not applied to other prisoners.

She also says the parcel she sent to the colony was returned back, as it reportedly failed to be posted in due time. Meanwhile, Natallia Pinchuk says that there were no violations. “It looks like they are using more and more artificial restrictions against Ales Bialiatski,” says the political prisoner’s wife.


Radio Racyja

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